Why I will keep making robes.

At this point between family and craft fairs I've lost track of how many robes or housecoats I've made. It seems odd too because I've always thought of myself as a quilter, but these have shifted to being my main thing I'm currently producing. One of the main reasons for that is it is summer and these just work better in the heat than quilts. Another is all the wonderful feedback I've received from customers.

" This is what a housecoat is supposed to feel like!"

" It's like I'm back in my Grandma's home!"

" I didn't realize how much I missed this pattern."

"It fits so well!"

"This is perfect coverup for the pool."

"Love the vintage vibes!"

"I'm wearing it out with a white slip dress underneath."

"The colors are just beautiful"

"These are so well made."

I think my favorite so far was the woman who just loudly offered the observation, "Oooooooohh, sexyyyyyyyyyyyyy!" That one made me laugh.

Thank you to everyone who has given me feedback on the robes and especially those who have purchased one or two. Currently I'm working on a special small batch that will be available online only, special for June.

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