What's good?

Hey Friends, 

  Felling a little low a few days ago, I reached out on Instagram and asked people to share what's good in their world right now. It kind of feels like technology is one of the few ways our lives are all connected right now. I just wanted to share some of the responses, in the hopes that they might lift you up too. In no particular order people rejoiced about-

1. More time for walking and exercise.

2. Revisiting mother nature. 

3. Creating new pen-pal relationships. 

4. Face timing with family. 

5. Growing food or flowers in the garden. 

6. Learning how to use new technology. 

7. Having a new appreciation for old friendships. 

8. Spending less on gas! 

9. Enjoying shopping online. 

10. Getting clarity on priorities. 

11. Having an opportunity to love our loved ones. 

12. More snuggles from fur babies. 

13. So many baked goods!

14. Catching up on mending, repairs and reorganization. 

15. Stopping to be grateful for our homes and health. 

16. Time for projects that have always been just out of reach. 

17. Finding new ways to practice fellowship with technology. 

18. The generosity of those who are helping others in whatever way they can. 


I hope that whatever your personal circumstances are right now, there are a few good things going on. If you are using this time to make things, be that masks or any other project, I hope that whatever you are making renews and fulfills you. Be safe and be strong friends!

Best wishes, 

Rose Pettijohn

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