Tips to sew a stuffie!

You can call them plushies, lovies, or stuffies, it doesn't matter. They are fun to make, have and hold. This past week I found a bunch of vintage stuffed animal panels in my stash and decided it was time to bring these critters to life. My daughter and I also made a set of dolls from a modern panel that turned out super cute. Here are some tips to remember if you decide to sew a stuffie-

  1. Don't forget to leave enough fabric for the seam allowance. Sometimes this is printed on the panel, but not always. Be careful when you are pinning your right sides together to keep everything lined up. I find clips are easier to work with than pins, but that's a personal preference.

  2. Your corners will need notches. This leaves enough fabric to keep the seam strong, while removing enough for the corner to box properly. Again, some panels have these notches printed and some don't. There should also be notches along curves. If they seem kind of far apart, it's totally ok to echo them with some more cuts. just don't cut through your seam.

3. Fluff your stuffing! This is like the opposite of kneading bread dough. You will tear it apart and then tear it apart again. This makes it easier to fill small parts like ears, toes and tails. It also prevents lumps when filling. This is assuming you are using poly-fil.

4. Use three times as much stuffing as you think you will need. I promise, more is better. Your stuffie will be firmer, heavier and keep their shape better.

5. When you are done stuffing, use a ladder stitch to close it up. Not sure how to do that? Here is an easy tutorial link. Enjoy your new stuffie!

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