The 100 Day Project Plan

Have you done a 100 day project? I've tried a few times and never made it past day 37. The idea of being able to go all the way is really appealing to me though. I would love to be able to practice my skills behind the sewing machine and actually sew daily. That's easier said than done, so I've been planning and researching the premise of the project. If you don't know the origin of it, this is a really good article on how it started.

Clearly my project would be fabric based, but what are my parameters? Can I just say that this is one thing I love about being an adult? We get to design our own projects! We are our own teachers and bosses! We decide what is important to spend our time on! I've hyped myself up quite a bit here in the hopes that I can create a project that I can stick with for 100 days. While looking for more information on how to plan my project, I found this helpful video on frequently asked questions.

The video asks participants to reflect on things like motivation? Mine are primarily to play with my fabric and practice my skills at the sewing machine. It also asks to think about designing a project that is feasible and manageable. That makes sense. I don't want to get burned out. Another prompt from the video is to consider what counts as part of the project. Can material prep count? Do you have to have a finished product everyday? Does it have to be the same thing everyday?

My mind has been really geared up for a few days trying to figure out what will work for me and still be a fun challenge. Some of the projects I considered include sewing with vintage fabrics everyday, trying to recreate 100 different historical quilt blocks, making a different pillow everyday, sewing the same quilt block with 100 different fabrics, creating 100 different quilting samples, or 100 zipper bags. It seemed like the more focused I became on finding the perfect project, the more I didn't want to do anything. I looked in my sewing and quilting books, through instagram and on Pinterest for inspiration.

The Sewing My Stash For 100 Days Project

I have two goals for this project. One is that I practice my skills by sewing daily. That means that prep work like pulling fabric and ironing are not counted towards the daily work. I have to sit in front of that machine everyday for the next 100 days. The second goal is to use only fabrics I love. That means I'll be sewing from my personal fabric stash and can use vintage, modern and repurposed fabrics.

The parameters for my personal project are that one, I can sew any sort of project. I don't think my brain can handle 100 days of bookmarks or pillows or anything like that. Also, my pinterest is full of projects I want to try and experiment with. Two, a minimum sewing time of 20 minutes daily. My days are full enough as it is and I'm pushing it by creating additional work for myself. I think this is a good bit of time to get something done, even if it's part of a project. Also, if I have time I can totally go over that 20 minutes. Third, anything goes. I can play with improv or follow a pattern, as long as I'm making something.

So my project is 100 days of sewing from my stash and it starts on January 31st. What's yours? Find me on instagram and share!

Heres a picture of our cats thinking about being cats for 100 days.

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