Thank you 2019

Updated: Jan 10, 2020

Really, we just has a very transformational year in 2019. We set focused goals and meeting them meant bigger changes than we ever anticipated. For examples, one of our goals was to lesson our commute time and create more family time. After months of deliberating our options in the Houston area, we realized we needed to be somewhere with a lower cost of living and smaller geographic foot print. We took a huge leap and moved to Memphis. Making our own big adventure has been challenging and even more so rewarding.

This move has also allowed me to step back out of teaching after 11 years in the classroom. I could probably write a book about all the emotions that transition has made. For the previous three years I ran Pettijohn as an Etsy shop on the side. Now it's transitioned into Pettijohn Textiles and is my full time job. We put a lot of work into 2019 and we got a lot of reward. Bullet point list of things I'm thankful for from 2019-

- Family who have been very understanding of our decisions, supportive of our leap and come to visit us.

- My super cute niece who was born in February and her super awesome parents who we love.

- My former students and coworkers who always pushed me to be my best.

- All of our friends and family down in Texas who came to our goodbye party in the park.

- Our realtor who did her best to help us and ended up purchasing our former home when no one else did because the market was down.

- My sister, BIL and realtor in Tennessee who searched tirelessly for the perfect spot just for us.

- My husband, my partner, who spent so many evenings with me as we discussed what we wanted for ourselves and our children, who researched the logistics of our move, who actually moved a month before us into our new home so that he could fix it up for us. He actually lived in this house with no electricity or water for three weeks while renovating it from the floor up, just to make it perfect for our family. I don't know if he will ever know how proud I am of him. Our home is our castle.

- Our neighbors in Frayser for welcoming us warmly. I'm also thankful that they all take great pride in their homes and making our street one to be proud of. I'm also thankful for the advise on where to shop and I'm thankful my kid's school is within walking distance.

- We quickly found a new church home here and that was important to me.

- All of the resources here in Memphis for small business owners. I can't tell ou how many free helpful workshops I've gone to.

- I also was able to join the Memphis Area Modern Quilt Guild and make new friends there. Everyone in the guild has been very welcoming and I love being a part of this productive group.

- Winning the Second Place Award at the Delta Fair in the Crib Quilts category! This was the fist time I ever entered anything into any kind of show and I was absolutely thrilled that my Smokey the Bear Quilt, Only You, won a ribbon.

- Star Wars night at the Botanic Garden! They found my work on Etsy and contacted me to have a booth there. That was my first in person event and it went really well. I got to share my work with and meet some really great people.

- Being asked by an artist at Crosstown Arts to help sew for a project that he was working on. It was fun and I learned a lot!

- Memphis Comic Con! I was so fortunate to be able to join the vendors at this great event. It was a celebration of fantasy and fun. My goods were very well received here and it was a true taste of success.

- All of the activities that are family friendly at Crosstown Arts, the Memphis Zoo, the Botanic Garden, Levitt Shell and Overton Park have have given us so many good new memories in our new city. We've had so much fun learning our way around and finding fun things to do.

- My kids got to pattern test fun bags for Quilt Cadets! He made a backpack and she made a poptart bag!

- I can't leave out the thrift scene here. I've been able to score some fantastic vintage fabrics for using in my quilting and crafts.

- My kid's school has really done right by them. They are both thriving and doing well. This was a big concern for me because my daughter had previously been struggling and now she is succeeding.

- The Memphis Arts Collective! Auditioning for this was totally out of my normal scope of "work" and I was pretty nervous. Thankfully they welcomed me with open arms and we had a fantastic Holiday Market.

Thank you to 2019 and all of our family and friends who have supported us!

Best wishes,


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