Quilt Guild Fun!

Hey Quilty friends,

Are you in a quilt guild? If you aren't, I highly recommend it. I'm a member of the Memphis Area Modern Quilt Guild, but there are many different guilds suited for all sorts of quilting styles. Our guild has been meeting virtually for the past several months with safety in mind. Yesterday we hosted a public quilt show and got to see each other in person! It was a fun event. Everyone brought quilts and we laid them out on tarps on the ground. It was informal, no quilt police, just us sharing our quilts. We took safety precautions and wore masks.

Quilting is best when shared. We frequently do our work in our own space, so quilt retreats and shows are a great way to socialize. Being a member in a guild also means new inspirations and challenges. Many guilds host show and tells, workshops, trunk shows and challenges.There are also opportunities for community outreach and charity quilting. Getting to talk to quilty friends and see their work in person yesterday was fun! If you aren't in a guild, I recommend researching ones in your area. You should be able to reach out to them through their websites or Facebook pages. Many have added to their online offerings lately.

There are always new things to learn about quilting, new things to be inspired by and new friends to be made. So don't be shy and enjoy the quilting journey with like minded people!

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