Quilt Coat Fashion!

This past winter social media turned into a quilt coat fashion show. Quilters and Seamstress everywhere brought coats off the bed and out onto the runway. Now this is not a new trend, just a revived one. Mommas and Me Maws have been making quilted coat as long as they've been quilting. My friend and fellow vintage aficionado Erica and I decided to get in on the action.

Some people have specifically made new quilts just to turn them into coats. They make for very modern and cool pieces. We decided to use older quilts that have been nearly loved to death and give them a second chance. That picture above is one getting worked on with one of our vintage machines, a Bel-Air 770. I am an old quilt magnet. We dug through my stash and picked out ones that suited us. She used a grandmothers flower garden to make a zippered coat and tote and I used a bigger pastel pattern with big white X's to make a housecoat. Did we use patterns? Kind of. We had a book about quilting from the 1970's, a robe pattern to figure out the sleeves, and a general idea of what we were going for. It was an experimental project, but one we enjoyed and were pleased with the results of .

The sleeves on my housecoat started way too long. I ended up cutting off about eight inches and cutting them with the same pink floral bed sheet pattern I used for the collar and belt. I've worn it on several mornings already and it is cozy and warm.

She added a purple zipper, pockets and a hood to her cool coat. Then she made a fun tote bag to match.

If you're unsure about making a quilt coat or any project, just remember it's an experiment. Have fun and make it memorable!

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