Make It Memorable

If you are signed up for the newsletter, you might have noticed that I've started to sign off with the line, make it memorable. What do I mean by that?

Well, we make things for different reasons, but I believe a few of the reasons are that we want to have and give things that are more meaningful than mass produced. We make things with our heart and hands because we want to be productive and create something purposefully. How can we make things that are memorable?

One way is to work with your own designs, patterns or improv something. Many people have been inspired by modern abstract quilting. Gwen Marston was a frontrunner in this style of quilting. The Improv Quilters Handbook for Modern Quilters is another great resource for those wanting to explore this style of making.

Another way to make something extra special is to re-purpose fabrics. This is why everyone loves t-shirt quilts! Memory quilts out of a loved ones clothing are a similar heart felt, handmade keepsake. Personally my favorite fabrics to use are vintage bed sheets. They have a great feel to them and everyone gets nostalgic over the prints.

How do you make it memorable? Do you have a special way to sign your work? Do you use patterns by a specific designer? Are your pieces created for a specific person or do you make them first and then decide where they go? Come on over to Instagram and let me know!

Make it memorable,

Rose Pettijohn

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