Lessons Learned form 5 years on Etsy

There are two main things I can share after five years on Etsy. The first is that Etsy, as a sellers platform, will always be changing. On various platforms I see sellers complain all the time that Etsy changes things too often. The do make frequent changes to the sellers platform, the algorithm and home page layout. I have seen them change the way announcements and shop updates are made, what it means to be handmade (designed and production) and the way craft supplies are sold ( anyone remember the now defunct sister website, Studio?) Some of these changes last and evolve. Some of these changes, like Studio, don't work out and Etsy lets them go. After five years I can honestly say that I think most of these changes are made in shops best interest. Etsy likes to experiment to figure out what works best and what is best for buyers and sellers.

Any sellers should experiment to! That's the second thing I've learned. Post new listings, change up how you advertise and use social media, and when customers make suggestions, listen to them. The market isn't stagnant and shop owners can't be either. I've changed what I primarily sell, how I price my work and supplies, when I run sales and how I ship orders. It can be challenging, making changes and adjustments to see what works, and learning to adapt to Etsy's changes, but so far it has been worth it. As I've changed my shop over the years, I've also seen it grow and thrive. So be flexible and rolling with the punches is key to not only surviving, but growing on Etsy.

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