Instagram photo challenge #forthefabric

Hey my fellow fabric lovers,

I am super excited to announce an Instagram photo challenge just for us! It is perfect because you don't have to do anything except play in your fabric and take pictures. I know that our fabric collections have just as many stories as our quilts do and I want to hear yours. Be sure to follow the #forthefabric so you can see what everyone else is posting. Don't worry if you miss a day or few, just jump in and share when the prompts inspire you. Here they are with some more detail.

07/06 - Oldest - This could be either the fabric that you've had the longest or the piece that is physically the oldest. For those of us who collect vintage fabrics, this could get interesting!

07/07 - Favorite Color - Which color do you gravitate towards first?

07/08 - Style - Is your stash more traditional prints or are modern fabrics your style? Has your style changed over the years?

07/09 - Novelty Prints - Show us your fun fabrics with food, animals, plants or other surprises on them!

07/10 - Collection - Many quilters have a favorite line of fabrics that they can just not ever own enough of. Which fabric collection speaks to your heart?

07/11 - Story Time - Do you have a fabric with a special history or meaning? We want to hear it! This whole challenge is about sharing our stash and what makes it special!

07/12 - Newest - The most recent piece you've added to your stash.

07/13 - Color Combos - Show us a duo or trio of colors that you enjoy.

07/14 - In a Quilt - Do you still have some fabric in your stash that you've put into a quilt? Tell us about it!

07/15 - Low Volume - Show us your favorite calm and quiet fabrics.

07/16 - Deep Hue - Take us to the dark side of your stash.

07/17 - If you could...... - If you could design your own fabric line, what would you include? Would it be novelty prints, batiks, a specific pattern you can never find? Let's talk about what we would like to see in the fabric world and post pictures of inspiration.

07/18 - Repurposed - Do you have fabric in your stash that is getting ready to live a second life? What fabrics do you enjoy repurposing.

07/19 - Mixing - How do you add to your stash and sort? Do you collect bundles of fabric lines and keep them together or do you prefer to mix and match individual fabrics as you find them?

07/20 - Storage - How does it fill us so fast? Share how you sort and store your stash.

07/21 - Favorite Cuts - What size do you have the most of in your collection, fat eighths, fat quarters, half yard, yards or do you bulk up and buy bolts?

07/ 22 - Stripes - This one is easy, just show us your stripe fabric.

07/23 - Too Much - Do you have a certain type of fabric that will last you until the day you die because you have just too much of it?

07/24 - ROYGBIV - Pull a red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple (indigo+violet) and show us your fabric rainbow! Maybe you even have a fabric with rainbows on them or you've used some of your stash to make a rainbow quilt.

07/25 - Never will I... - Is there a fabric in your stash that makes you think, "Never will I ever cut into that!" It could be too pretty or too ugly, but we want to know why you are not using it.

07/26 - Wishlist - What is the next fabric that you want to add to your stash?

Prizes will be drawn on the last day of the challenge. Check instagram for the details!

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