Deciding what gets made in Santa's workshop

Are you also feeling excited for the holiday season or is it just me? Maybe I'm just ready for the year to be over, lol. No, I really am planning ahead and thinking about what I want to create in the next couple of months. This is the first year I've had two places in stores and multiple markets to plan for. For the past few weeks my mind has been spinning like a hamster wheel trying to brainstorm all the best things I could make for my customers.

First I wanted to plan for each place separately. With my main material being vintage fabric, I can only make limited batches of anything that will match. So I have tried to create a theme for each place using a color scheme and time period. Many of the fabrics I use read as mid century, very seventies, or late eighties/early nineties. I also have found some great winter pieces I will be bringing into the Antique malls. Don't you think an older sled would make a show stopping decoration?

Secondly I had to narrow down my handmade offerings. I've been keeping a running list of all of the different things I could make to sell with fabric and my sewing machine. That list was up to about thirty items, and that was just too many. I don't want to confuse shoppers or make it too hard to decide on something when they come into my booth at market. Also, I was starting to confuse myself on where to start! It seems that most people who are purchasing my handmade goods are doing so to give as gifts. I tried to use that to guide my decision making process.

I decided to narrow down what I will be offering using gift giving categories. I also decided that as far as logistics go, making more than a total of ten different things would be too much. So I settled on five categories with two products in each one. The categories are Baby, Kids & Teens, Adults, Home and Holiday. If you want to know what I've decided to make you will just have to come visit me at one of the markets or keep an eye on my social media! This year I will be at The Crafts & Drafts show on November 14th and Holiday Market November 26th - December 24th.

PS. For my fabric fans! Thank you all so much for coming out to the fabric pop up shop! I will be hosting another on November 28th. Stay tuned for details!

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