Challenge Failed

So to recap, for some reason I thought it would be a good plan to take on the 100 day project, March Meet the Maker and IGQuiltFest Instagram challenges all in the same month. If I've got anything, it's ambition right? It all started out well, with me making it work for the first week or so. But it went downhill pretty quickly for a number of reasons.

I forgot to take into account I make regular updates to my shop daily and I had already committed to doing March Meet the Maker posts for the Memphis Arts Collective as well. I was waking up in the morning and trying to make as many posts as I could before getting out of bed. That's not a smart way to start the day even if I did feel productive for a few minutes. Many of the Quilting prompts were easy enough. Some I already had pictures for. March Meet the Maker had weekends off this year and that was nice. That meant I only had like four things to post daily.

Oh, and the 100 day challenge meant making something everyday. I actually did that for the most part, but the thing with sewing and quilting is that not everyday makes a cute picture. I started out with designing some cute stuffies. I even learned how to embroider and made the sassy cats pictured above. I had fun making those, but after about eight of them was ready to move onto the next thing. From what I remember the next thing was a big project and the first several days was just cutting out fabric for pillows. That didn't feel like it counted for the 100 day project.

So what did I learn from this? Well it all just seemed like I set myself up for failure. Then last week while the kids were on Spring Break, we watched Julia & Julie. If you haven't heard of it, the film follows Julia Child finding her way as a maser of French cuisine and a modern woman who decided to cook Julia's entire book and blog about it, to prove she's got chops as a writer. Y'all I cried. Every time one of them overcame an obstacle or did something they set out to do, I cried. I was just so proud of them for doing their own thing. While watching it I realized that following all those challenges wasn't really me doing my own thing, so that made it even harder for me to commit. I mean I shouldn't have set myself up for a month with five daily social media posts, that was not well thought out. Really though I think I'll have more success laying out my own personal challenges. Remind me I said that at the end of next February.

PS. Except for the two pictured, all of the Sassy Cats and Scottie Dogs I stitched up went to Sheffields Antiques in Collierville. You can find them in my booths there if you need to adopt a pet that doesn't poty.

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