Bamboo, Butterflies and Tiger's in the Grass

This blog post is purely to document this collection before it's all gone. With seven and a half bed sheets from the 1970's I created four housecoats, over a dozen pillows, over a dozen masks, six headbands, and three handbags. This was such a fun assortment to work on. A favorite for sure was the tiger pieces. I had to carefully fussy cut them out to be able to use each and every tiger. That print also had fun little bumblebees that made for great details on the masks, headband and robes.

These pieces were featured at two shows in Memphis. May Market Hosted by The Memphis Art's Collective and The Mother's Day Pop-Up hosted by Arrow Creative. It was so much fun to be able to talk about and share these pieces. Getting to meet people in real life, who I've primarily just chatted with on social media made it seem like we are getting closer to normal. Everyone who took something home seemed thrilled with their finds. One woman told me that she specifically sought out my masks because she was starting chemo soon and she knew how comfortable they were. That made me tear up a bit.

I'm posting photo's here before I forget because these events were fun and the collection is almost gone. The few pieces that are left I will probably be dropping off at Sheffields Antique's in Collierville, TN next week. Thank you all for your kind words and love on social media and for supporting local artists!

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