5 Years and a SALE to celebrate!

When I started my Etsy shop in 2016, I didn't really have a vision for it. I was teaching full time and sewing as a stress reliever. Like any good quilter worth her salt, I was also hoarding fabrics as I couldn't stop picking up everything I found. My stockpile of finished goods and supplies grew and and I decided they needed to be shared with the world. I spent weeks researching how having an online shop would work, photographing my stuff and creating listings. In traditional Etsy fashion my Mom and my sister were my first customers. Since then my little shop has grown and has had over 2,000 sales!

So now we celebrate! The entire month of July the entire shop will be on sale for 20% off! On top of that the CLEARANCE section of the shop will increasing every week!

That means this July, 2021!

1st week 20% OFF!

2nd week 30% OFF!

3rd week 40% OFF!

4th week 50% OFF!

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