Every baby deserves something handmade. That has always been one of the main driving factors behind my creations. I started with quilting in 2009, just before my son was born.  Those first quilts were small and made with repurposed men's dress shirts from the thrift store. I ended up making them and receiving blankets for all the babies I knew being born around that time. 

       Since then my skills have expanded and I now also make bags, burp cloths,  decorative pillows and other various home good items. My original ideas of crafting everything with love and reclaimed fabrics remain the same.  I love incorporating fabrics from older generations into gifts and home goods for the next generation.  For people who are looking for something unique, Pettijohn Textiles offers quality, handmade, and environmentally friendly goods. 

        In 2016 I opened my shop on Etsy. Now there I carry supplies for other crafters and quilters to make their own fun stuff. You can find a mix of modern and vintage fabrics and patterns there at www.rosepettijohn.etsy.com .

       I am also a proud member of The Modern Quilt Guild and The Memphis Arts Collective. You can find my work by clicking here to go to the shop page. 

Make it memorable, 

Rose Pettijohn